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Tegan Jovanka 1981-1984 

Companions of Doctor Who

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I screeched, coming to a shuddering halt out on the plains. Not the worst landing there could have been, considering the stabilizers weren’t working correctly, but it was all I could do. “Now, if you would kindly fetch the real Doctor?” I motioned out to the doors, hoping he would be close by. If the signals had read correctly, he wasn’t too far off. Here was to hoping that you made it safely, I supposed, letting the hologram flicker away.

Tegan made an ‘oof’ noise as she tried not fall over from the landing that the TARDIS gave. She frowned, pushing herself up and glanced around. She looked at the hologram nodding as she walked over to the TARDIS doors and went outside. “Doctor?” She called, looking around for him. 

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"Well," she started, walking over to the young woman in front of her. “It’s 2013, and you’re in London, UNIT headquarters." 


"2013?" Tegan huffed for a moment as she crossed her arms in front of her chest. Well, wasn’t that lovely. She needed to find the Doctor and soon to get out of there. "UNIT headquarters? Do you happen to know of a man named Brigadier Leathbridge-Stewart? He might be retired by now but…still."

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Martha was just finishing up with some paper work when the door to her office creaked open. 

“Hello?” She called, setting her paperwork on the desk and standing up. “How can I help you?” 


Tegan looked around before she looked over at the young woman. She approached her before clearing her throat.”I’m…a but lost. I was wondering if you could tell me where I am and the….year for that matter?”

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“Oh, don’t pay them any mind” he said to Tegan, and then he raised his voice in a deliberately, “I suppose they insult you to cover up their own technological inadequacies.” The Doctor nodded pointedly towards the console. Ionic fusion bar? Terribly out-dated.” 

Tegan glanced around again, getting a good look. Her eyebrow rose as she looked back at the Doctor. “I don’t think insulting them will get us anywhere, Doctor.” 


“Because of a constant threat of some sort, yes, that would explain why they’re so cautious of us.” To a community that was constantly in fear of attack, a stranger wouldn’t exactly be the most welcome of faces, no matter how polite. “Perhaps we can help them, if they’ll let us. Come on!” 

The Doctor dashed forward until he was walking directly behind the stranger’s left shoulder. “I trust you heard all that, do you mind telling us what threat you’re under?” 
He tried again. “I just feel that perhaps we might be able to help you, I can assure you that we’re not spies or anything like that.”
He turned back to Tegan. “Well, let’s hope whoever they’re taking us to is a little more chatty. I sincerely hope this one isn’t considered to be ‘friendly’”

They turned into a small room with six doors. Each had a symbol painted on the front, all in a deep, rich blue and looking very similar to one another.  The person led them through a door with a symbol that looked remarkably like a sort of swirly crescent moon. 

As soon as they’d entered through, the door slammed shut, and the Doctor could hear a great mass of stone shifting about. “Fantastic, the doors change places. That’ll make getting out of here so very easy.” he muttered, scowling a little before taking a proper look at the room around them. 
“Have you brought the aliens?” a voice said, from the corner of the room.
“Yes, your Greatness.” replied a thin, drawling voice from a man on the left with his hood down. “And not just any, I believe we’ve managed to secure the renegade Time Lord and one of his little pets.”

Pet? You’re barely more advanced than humans yourself!, he thought, but did not say out loud for fear of breaking what he felt to be quite a delicate situation. 

Not only did the statement irk him, but it also made him intensely curious. ‘The’ renegade. Not ‘a’. They knew him, clearly. But as far as he knew, he hadn’t seen these people before, nor anybody like them, or at least not for a long time. He gritted his teeth and tried to keep the irritation out of his voice.
 ”She’s no pet, and I’m the Doctor, could you at least grant us the same courtesy and tell us who you are?”

Tegan was silent as she followed behind them, nodding. It made sense, having a such a lavish place and then being under constant threat for it being taken away. “Yeah, we can hope.” She commented, not really feeling too enthusiastic about the whole thing. Hopefully they would get some answers of what this place was exactly. Her gaze drifted over to the Doctor for a moment, hopefully there would be some answers soon. 

Her ears perked up at the word ‘alien’. She wanted to protest that, everyone else being an alien to her but it was like that though it was strange to think about being an alien to another culture in the universe, even mow as she thought about it. 

As the entered the room, her eyes looked around, taking the whole place in. When the door slammed behind him, the 

A frown crossed Tegan’s lips as the word pet reached her ears. “Pet?” She asked, sounding a bit affronted. Is that what these aliens thought? That the humans who happened to travel with the Doctor were his pets? She knew she didn’t like the sound of that. 

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